Here are a couple images of my final designs, I am spending this week finalizing my designs, adding the last little details and checking spellings! The tampon tax piece was actually a tester but came out so lovely I am keeping it as a final piece! The colours were amazing and so vivid, I was so happy with how it came out. I framed one of my original tester pieces just to experiment with how it looked, I thought it looked really wonderful framed the black outline really accentuated the bright colours of the print. I’m not using that tester as the fabric was too thin and the colours weren’t quite as bright as the original piece, also it doesn’t have any text it was purely a abstract pattern design.



After feeling quite anxious over the Easter break I have come back to Uni today feeling settled and confident in what I am going to be designing and creating for my final degree show. I have broken it down in to four sections of female interest/rights I feel are current, important and relevant not only in the UK but worldwide with what is happening in other countries. Those four are..

  • PAY GAP! (estimated equality in 2067)
  • ¬†2. TAMPON TAX – and the funds being given to the charity life- who actively encourage against abortions.
  • 3. NASTY GIRLS CLUB- the freedom of ¬†voice and the empowerment and value of each woman’s choice.

ipaedd 048

I wanted to get my drawings made as tapestries but I cant find anywhere online which will produce them.. so fabric prints are the format in what I am working in! I sent off for a few samples from different companies to see how they would come out, and I was delighted!


The first image is my favorite and the company I will be using, bags of love! the material is so thick and the colors were so vibrant. They both cost the same and were affordable which is another relief as I am going to be producing four and they will be slightly bigger.

Gorgeous print! #digitalprint #india #digitallyprintedfabric Maharani by Osborne Little www.chimoraprint.com digitally printing really cool patterns on to a fabric of your choice in india. Create your own unique fabric!:

I found this image online of a fabric print by Laura Slater I love firstly the block colours, certainly an element mine will have also the size I think is perfect.. it doesn’t say what size it is, but I think its such a brilliant size, the detailing and any text would be able to be clearly read and nothing would be missed! exciting.

Now I have the four titles/subject ideas for each of my designs I can begin to design properly. The tampon tax piece is ready, so four more to go! I may add some more flowers and detailing, as I have time I will experiment.