This started of as a little sketch of a table and chairs in a coffee shop, which evolved in to a mini poverty poster!

I have been reading so much lately about the hidden and unspoken inequality and hardship that goes on in Britain that no one speaks about, and most probably don’t even know about, for example these insane poverty statistics.I think when your’e eating a cinnamon swirl with a soy latte you realise how lucky you actually are? and that a cinnamon swirl probably isn’t a life necessity (no its definitely not). So all of us in that coffee shop that day who were spending too much money on cake, are lucky people to even be able to have that as a opportunity to us, and i completely recognize that.

The fact that 1 in 4 kids live in poverty I think is really really sad, as like I wrote we have recently been promoted to the 4th richest Nation in the world, which is quite a worrying idea. I’m not sure how exactly we can change this, well Theresa May you could set the ball rolling, but on an individual non Tory basis, I think talking about it is actually quite a good starting point? most issues need the awareness raised first, then they can be tackled. I read this article and couldn’t help thinking, I bet most people don’t realise this? that Poverty cant always be seen, that that women next to you on the bus may not have eaten because she had to feed her children first?.. Social inequality really fascinates me, I believe together we can change these harrowing numbers, 0 children need to be living in poverty, its a loop hole in the system which doesn’t care about the bottom band of people, the people who aren’t medical graduates, you know? people who work in their local pub on a 0 hour contract to then have £20 left at the end of the month.



One thought on “WE NEED CHANGE.

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    I think the number of children living in poverty in the U.S. is about the same as in Britain. In the richest countries of the world, including the U.S. and Britain, it is immoral to have so many children living below the poverty line. In fact, I believe the child poverty stats indicate that rich countries like us are morally bankrupt! As the artist who created this poster said, Zero children should be living in poverty. “We need change.”

    Indeed. We as a society (and as an electorate) have both the means and the power to reduce child poverty nearly to zero. But do 51 percent of us want to really do that? Do 51 percent even care?

    I’m afraid to say the answer.

    — John Hayden


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